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Helpful dance policies and information

Are you thinking about signing your child up for dance classes? Would you like to take a tap class? Contact the locally operated, Dance Conservatory Of Southern MN today to sign up! In the meantime, take a look at some of the helpful information we've put together regarding our classes and policies.

Call the dance conservatory that's been in business for over 30 years to sign up for your class!


Class tuition is due the first of each month and payments must be received in the Mankato office by the 15th of each month. If payment is not received by the 15th, a $10 late fee will be charged. Payments can be mailed to Dance Conservatory at 1400 Madison Ave, Suite 318, Mankato, MN 56001.


We accepts payments in the form of cash or check only. Please note that we do not mail out monthly statements. If you absolutely need a statement, please call the Mankato office and one will be placed in your student mail file ASAP and soon through email.


Rates: $45 per month per registered performance or technique class for 55 minutes. $38 for 45 minute class and $30 for 30 minutes classes. Discounted rates are available for multiple classes. Boys recital classes are $25 and boys who take technique classes are free. The membership fee is $20 per dancer if registered by August 1st. Tuition is $30 per dancer after August 1st, which is non-refundable.


Class tuition payment methods

Please make every effort to attend class each week as we work diligently on technique and choreography and you don't want to miss out on what is being taught. Students who miss class or withdraw before the end of the month are still obligated to pay that month's tuition in full. A 30-day advanced written notice is required for class drops. There is no refund for missed classes. Students may make up classes missed due to illness.

Attendance policy and class drop options

Parents and guests may observe through the hallway windows in the Mankato studio. For out of town studios, observation days may be set up by each teacher. We have found that students perform and learn more efficiently when parents are not always observing.

Parent observation policy

For the safety of the dancer, it is essential that the teacher is able to see alignment and body lines. Therefore, baggy shirts and sweatshirts are not allowed after the warm-up. Please consult your teacher if you have any concerns or questions. Dancers should not wear any bulky or dangling jewelry to class. Long or medium hair needs to be pulled away from the face. Absolutely no street clothes are allowed. If a student is not in proper attire, they will be asked to sit out.


General dance classes dress options

Dress code for general and ballet classes

  • Girls and women: Leotards, jazz pants or capris, tights, form-fitting shorts

  • Boys and men: Form-fitting shirt and moveable pants or shorts

Dress options for ballet classes

  • Girls and women: Black leotard and pink tights, the black skirt is optional, and canvas or leather ballet shoes

  • Boys and men: Form-fitting white T-shirt, black pants, and canvas or leather ballet shoes

Trophies are presented to all students with 5 to 20 years of dance training during our dance recitals. Please notify staff by March 1st if your child qualifies for one of these awards.

Dance recital and trophy awards

1. No food or drink, except for water, will be allowed in the dance studios.

2. Absolutely no street shoes are allowed on the dance studio floors.

3. Be punctual to your class!

Entering a class late is disruptive to the flow of class. Being late also means missing warm-up and the chance for injury increases without proper warming up to the muscles.

4. Dancers need to focus and listen to the instructor. When a teacher is giving a correction, everyone needs to listen and learn.

5. Please rehearse outside of classes - practice makes perfect!

Please follow our dance studio etiquette guidelines

Classes may be cancelled due to severe weather conditions. Please listen to KEEZ, KDOG, KTOE, KYSM, and KNUJ for updates. We will also post weather related class cancellations on our voicemail and on this website.

Stay informed about bad weather cancellations

Our newsletters contain calendars marked with important dates regarding holidays, performances, and class pictures. Newsletters will be distributed monthly and semi-monthly throughout the year. Please note that our vacation schedule may not coincide with the vacation schedule of your child's school.

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